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    Rapunzel | Merida | Pocahontas

    Hello friends! Welcome to Mousekebows, a new Disney-inspired online bow shop by me: Nam. I’m a big Disney lover with a niche for arts and crafts, so I decided to combine these hobbies and share my products with the world.

    This is concept art (click on them to zoom in) for my first set of hair bows. Each one of these 13 bows are inspired by a Disney princess. These bows will be 6” wide and 4” tall. The tails will be 4” long. These bows will be hand made by me and will sell for $15 each.

    Currently, I have not set up an official store or anything yet, but I will soon and will be taking orders ASAP. But for now, enjoy the concept art and follow Mousekebows to stay updated. Also, if you have any questions, just send me a message. Thank you and enjoy!

    P.S. The bows are transparent.

    (Source: mousekebows)

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